Guest Blog Post By Mary Burgwinkle

MARY BURGWINKLE – 1785 Sleepy Hollow Lane, Plainfield, NJ 07060

Vote Column B, People First Democrats, on June 4th

Dear Neighbors and Friends in Ward 2, District 9:

I am running for the Ward 2, District 9 Female seat on Plainfield Democratic City Committee (“PDCC”). According to state law, the Democratic Party elects its representatives from each voting district at the Primary election in odd calendar years. I am the incumbent Female member from 2-9. This year I am running on Column B (People First Democrats) and not on Column A with the Regular Democratic Organization because:

  • Adrian Mapp, who is PDCC Chair, did not offer me a place on the Column A slate. Chair Mapp chose candidates for PDCC without input from the PDCC at an official meeting. PDCC members should be involved in the selection of candidates for PDCC, City Council and other City and County offices.
  • PDCC Members who did not vote for the Chair’s preferred candidate for Union County Democratic Chair were not offered places on Column A. Many of those citizens are running for PDCC seats on Column B as People First Democrats.
  • It appears to me that Chair Mapp selected some PDCC candidates who work for the City or have other government jobs or appointments. It would likely be difficult for those people to vote or express opinions against him.

I was a strong supporter of Mayor/Chair Mapp when he ran on good government, fiscal responsibility and transparency. However, as a 36-year resident of Plainfield, I care tremendously about the City and my Neighborhood. When I believe that Mayor/Chair Mapp is attempting to grab power or make decisions that are not in our collective best interest, I go to City Council, write to City Council and the local blogs, and speak up at PDCC meetings.

I am disappointed that the current City Council appears to be doing almost anything Mayor/Chair Mapp wants to do, with little questioning from many of them. They recently approved a City budget that apparently included the Mayor and six others going to a mayors’ conference in Hawaii at City expense, as reported in the Star Ledger on 5/18. This use of taxpayer dollars seems ill advised and driven by hubris in a year where there was a budget deficit and where taxes are going up, again.

I am running for the 2-9 PDCC seat with Sean McKenna, who is running uncontested for the Male 2-9 seat. He is also involved in a contested primary for Ward 2 City Council. I strongly support Sean, because I believe that he will support good ideas from the Administration and speak out against bad ideas. I would appreciate your vote in the June 4th Primary, for myself and for Sean.

Thank you.

Mary Burgwinkle

One thought on “Guest Blog Post By Mary Burgwinkle

  1. josely castro May 24, 2019 / 1:28 pm

    Thanks for sharing Mary, we need people in those seats who have the best interest for our city.


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