Many Thanks Ward 2!!!

I recently got a blog spanking, along with some others, by Dan Damon for being tardy with a mass thank you to the voters of ward 2 following the primary election.  It is rare that I agree with Dan but in this instance he is correct.  Although I would argue with him regarding the specific claim of bad manners – manners were an important part of my upbringing with lessons in holding doors open and lighting a ladies cigarette (those were the days).

That being said, I was delayed in posting a public thank you to ward 2 voters that supported me on June 4th.  Your support, kind words during election day and your confidence in me is humbling.  Since election day, I have started to organize the 7 pages of notes that I took while I walked the Ward and spoke to residents.  Some of these are quality of life issues that I was asked to address if elected and others are ideas that voters shared with me regarding city services and other areas that the council has oversight of.  I have also spent time writing thank you notes to individuals whose support and dedication to the campaign helped to make the victory possible.  I want to take the time here to publicly thank my campaign team – John Stewart (Campaign Manager), Jim Spear (Treasurer, Walk Coordinator and Strategist), Mary Burgwinkle and Jeanette Criscione who gave support wherever it was needed, from strategy and literature editing to keeping me focused and helping me to articulate ideas.  Without this team the campaign would have been much more difficult and the results may have been different as well.

For Ward 2 supporters, I thank you again for your confidence in me.  I will be walking around the second ward again over the coming months to talk to residents and hear more of their thoughts about what Plainfield needs to improve for all of its citizens.  While many elected officials dislike this sort of engagement with voters, I enjoy it immensely.  I am also working on a strategy for communicating regularly with residents so they are up to date with current information and are aware of important issues coming before the city council.  More information about this process will be shared as we develop the most efficient way to share information.

I must also thank Cory Storch for his 16 years of dedicated service on the Plainfield City Council – he should be proud of his legacy and service to the community.

I look forward to joining the city council in January and until then I will continue the process of making sure that I have the best interests of the second ward and the city of Plainfield in all of my actions as a councilman.

2 thoughts on “Many Thanks Ward 2!!!

  1. WILLIAM E. KRUSE December 15, 2019 / 12:24 pm

    Good morning Sean……The fact that you haven’t replied to my messages paints an uncomfortable picture. Bill Kruse


    • SMcKenna December 16, 2019 / 10:05 am

      Hello Mr Kruse – it paints a very uncomfortable picture as I don’t have any messages from you that I have seen so am concerned myself. The last emails I have were in August and I read them thoroughly and saved them for future use, but as they were “FYI” emails related to your correspondence with others I didn’t respond but read through the content and saved them accordingly.


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